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Imagine a health companion

Imagine a health companion that has the capability to analyze your health data and tailor recommendations specifically for you!

As part of a Hackathon at the Workshop on Interactive AI Systems for Digital Therapeutics, Champalimaud Foundation, we were working on a project focused on developing a real-time photoplethysmography (PPG)-based stress estimation and recommendation agent.
To accomplish this goal, we integrated openCHA with a PsychoBIT Kit equipped with a PPG sensor.

The hashtagopenCHA framework allows LLMs to connect with external data sources, enabling the collection of information and the creation of customized responses.
In our project, the integration was done by developing the following tasks and connecting them to openCHA.

Our chatbot successfully interfaced with the data gathered using the PsychoBIT Kit, analytical tools, and online resources, providing insights into our stress levels and delivering tailored recommendations (see images).
Despite the project being developed during a single-day hackathon, we demonstrated the capabilities of openCHA and the potential of harnessing data from wearable devices to create personalized and context-sensitive recommendation systems.

Special thanks to Mariana Duarte and Eric Lacosse.

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