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Can we rely on chatbots when seeking answers to our health-related questions?

Current models attempt to answer health questions based on the vast amount of data they saw during their training phase. However, this alone is insufficient to ensure the accuracy of their responses. While GPT4 does a Bing search to support its responses, this is still not enough due to the large number of websites propagating false information.

openCHA can tackle this problem.

How? openCHA uses hashtagagents to gather information from reliable sources and generate responses. The framework offers the flexibility to choose the most appropriate local or online resources for such tasks. Therefore, the accuracy and reliability of the answers depend on the credibility of the sources we choose, rather than relying on LLMs or random Internet sources.

The image shows a sample question regarding diabetes and the response from openCHA. In this example, openCHA retrieves the information using two agents: 1) to perform a search on reliable health websites and 2) to extract relevant data from these websites.

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